How to Analyze your podcast stats

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This is a guest post by Julep Hosting. A podcast hosting platform based in Germany.

Numbers, numbers, numbers – as often in life, they play a central role on the road to success within podcasting.

Even if you’re not really interested in numbers: When it comes to monetizing your podcast, the performance of your show should become your focus. How many listeners do you reach with your podcast? Which episodes performed particularly well? Which interviewees generated the most interest? Even as a podcast beginner, it’s exciting to see how your own podcast is growing and thriving.

This analysis can either be complicated and time-consuming or super easy – with the right partner at your side. Many podcast hosting companies offer analytics as part of their service. One example is the Julep hosting platform. They provide all the important analysis data, freshly prepared in an easy-to-use dashboard. You have the possibility to overview and understand the performance of your podcast from the first second on.

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The key KPIs at a glance

With every advertising campaign, at some point the campaign expires, and reporting has to be done. With Julep Hosting, nothing is easier than that. In the Analytics section, you will find the most important KPI, namely the number of downloads and streams always at the top.

Using our predefined filters or your own configured filters, you can view the performance for any period: No matter if it’s about the last week, the last month or the last two years.

Where are my listeners from

Wouldn’t it be exciting to see which city or regions your listeners come from? No problem. Julep Hosting shows you from which country, which region and from which city your podcast listeners come from. And therefore, you know that you have fans in Togo, Colombia, or South Africa. That means your podcast is heard all over the world. Nice, isn’t it?

These KPIs are most important for podcasters who want to reach a regional audience of listeners, for example a regional daily newspaper. With Julep’s Analytics, they can always see if they are reaching their appropriate audience.

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Which platform is most important?

Most podcasts in German-speaking countries are accessed via the major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music. So that you don’t lose track of which of these platforms you perform best on, we break down your podcast downloads and streams transparently by platform. You want to know more? No problem: We also show how many Spotify requests came from iOS devices, Android devices, and so on.

For streams via the Julep WebPlayer we also show the listen-through rate, so you can always see how long your listeners stayed tuned and at which point in an episode they stopped listening. This way you can better see what content is well received in your podcast and where you might need to make some changes.

A screenshot isn’t enough

Of course, we not only make all analysis data available to you in your hosting dashboard, but also offer you the option to download and process it. All KPIs can be conveniently exported as Excel files. This way you can save your data in this practical form and build your own statistics based on the data.
For our enterprise customers, we also offer the possibility of fully automated retrieval of the analysis data using an API so they can process the data further in their own systems.

Valid figures are a matter of course for us

Julep Hosting was the one of the first German podcast hoster to be IAB-certified and want to contribute on the way to valid and comparable analysis data on the podcast market. Furthermore, Julep was the first podcast hoster worldwide to be certified with the newly revised IAB 2.1 standard.

The IAB standard technically defines how and when impressions are measured. This gives you transparent and accurate metrics that you and the advertisers can trust. We believe that a standardized measurement process is important and necessary in the podcast industry and are therefore taking the first step in this direction on the German market with the IAB certification.

Stay tuned

Julep Hosting is constantly developing the platform and the analytics area, so you can already look forward to exciting new features. The goal is to provide you with as many exciting figures as possible in an intuitive dashboard. This way you will get to know your listeners and your target group even better and create the best conditions to be booked by attractive advertisers.

And the best thing is: No matter which plan you have booked, you always get the full service. Julep Hosting does not make any differences in the range of functions. No matter whether you have booked our smallest or our largest plan, you will always get all the features of our platform.

You want to look at the Julep Hosting platform? Then take advantage of the free 14-day trial period and convince yourself of Julep Hosting. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Julep team:



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